For all Intents and Purposes of Daily Use on Snow

The Rental bindings are all equipped with the NeXt kinematic toes and heels to ensure the latest kinematic improvements are protecting rental skiers as well. Special features make the TYROLIA Rental bindings extremely long lasting and especially durable, but at the same time easier to handle – ideally suited for long-term use and abuse in the rental sector.


The TYROLIA AAAttack 13 DEMO model, a modified version of the TYROLIA AAAttack Freeski binding, is the first demo and rental suitable freeski binding that is anchored on a metal toe track. This unique feature ensures a lower stand height, a more compact design and increased stability compared with other bindings: In combination with the proven TYROLIA Rental Heel track, the TYROLIA AAAttack 13 DEMO offers the opportunity to fulfill every customer’s desires, whether for retail, demo or rental purposes. This easy to adapt TYROLIA AAAttack Freeski binding model was designed for a wide range of sole lenghts, and therefore can be adjusted to all avaiable alpine boots sole lengths from 259 to 386mm – tool-free in a matter of a few seconds, by moving the toe and heel pieces.

TYROLIA Rent One Touch Heel and LX/SX Toe

The TYROLIA Rent One Touch heel features improved ergonomics, resistance and better protection against abrasion plus an optimized scale window – thus combining visual quality with safety and stability. Most of the Rental binding models are equipped with the LX and SX toes with improved kinematics, and the proven Rent One Touch system optimized and much appreciated for rental purposes.

TYROLIA One Touch System

The innovative One Touch System used for the TYROLIA Rental bindings ensures the simplest possible operation and length adjustment of toes and heels. Because – especially in the Rental sector – time is also money!

TYROLIA Single Code

The TYROLIA Single Code guarantees that rental agreements are processed in record time. There is only one unit of size in the form of clearly color coded letters. This enables toe, heel and boot to be adjusted very quickly so that more customers can be served in less time.


With the Rental Sympro, the length of the toe and heel can be adjusted with only a few easy steps for fast on-hill adjustment. The TYROLIA SP Rental bindings are suitable for any ski without an integrated system.