AAAmbition – The Touring Newcomer

The TYROLIA AAAmbition Alpine Touring binding is the perfect companion for all Alpine Touring Aficionados so that no terrain remains unattainable. We included every attribute of our high-performance alpine ski bindings in this Alpine Touring binding.

Alpine Touring Toe:

This newcomer in the ski touring segment features the exclusive TYROLIA Alpine Touring (AT) Toe which can be easily adjusted to alpine and touring boot norms.
A 65 mm wide mechanical AFS gliding element secures constant release values also with rubber soles. In combination with two rollers this binding provides superior safety features with the rapid and exact boot re-centering that skiers expect from TYROLIA.
As a result of its harmonious design, the TYROLIA AAAmbition has a wider contact area which improves stability and provides a secure foundation for every skiing situation.
Furthermore, its pivot is efficiently positioned right below the ski boot tip to ensure perfect force transmission and a tilt up to 90 degree.

One-for-all easy adjustable telescopic tube:

Additionally the AAAmbition features a unique light-weight telescopic tube which offers an easy adjustment opportunity to different boot sole lengths. Thus, with only one binding model it is possible to cover the entire range of different sole lengths – from 260 mm up to 350 mm.
Furthermore, with the setting of the telescopic tube and through the compact mounting, perfect binding positioning on your skis is improved and mid-point deviation is avoided.


Additional crampons are available as spare parts in widths of 90 mm, 105 mm and 120 mm, and provide safe climbing and a secure stand in any situation.


The TYROLIA approved Freeflex System, which interacts with the AT Toe, the telescopic tube and the AT Heel, offers natural dynamics, excellent downhill performance and therefore a supreme ski touring experience.

Alpine Touring Heel and Climbing Aid:

The state-of-the-art climbing aid is positioned as close as possible to the Alpine Touring (AT) Heel. This provides better walking balance and effortless climbing in all situations. The low stand height of 38mm improves stability and offers a confident stance. With four different climbing aid positions (climbing in a 0°, 5°, 10° or 15° position) it is possible to adapt on different terrains without stepping out of the binding.
It does not matter if it is a walk through flat terrain or a steep slope up to the summit. Simply use the ski pole in order to change the climbing aid position and also to lock for the downhill ride.

Brakes & Individuality:

Considering the different ski widths, the TYROLIA AAAmbition comes without brakes. This gives you the opportunity to either choose the perfect fitting brake out of four different widths (85 mm/95 mm/105 mm/125 mm) or simply to ride and hike without brakes using appropriate powder straps – TYROLIA Powder Strap AAA-Series (1 pair): A. No.: 162981.
Additionally available: TYROLIA AAA-Series Powder Cord (1 pair): A.No. 163025

Demo and rental suitable:

In order to offer ambitious sportsmen an opportunity to widen their horizons, the TYROLIA AAAmbition is also demo and rental suitable:
Combined with a spare demo track, the TYROLIA AAAmbition Alpine Touring binding can be tested and shown to a broad audience. Only two easy adjustments (one on the telescopic tube and one on the demo track) are required to fit to different boot lengths without extra drilling.
To sum up: The TYROLIA AAAmbition Alpine Touring binding is what every ski touring fanatic was looking for. On one hand it offers freedom and individual adjustment possibilities and on the other hand it provides the premium high-end performance that is expected from TYROLIA. The solid, light-weight construction and its maximum functionality enhances the ultimate mountain experience for ambitioned climbers as well as for touring newbies.
Overcome boundaries – Simply just: Access All Areas!