LITERAIL - The Technology for Retail & Rental

In 2009, TYROLIA presented the innovative rail-system – called LiteRailTM (LR). Succeeding the RAILFLEX® LITE system, LiteRailTM is suitable for both the retail and rental sectors as well.

Due to three different mid parts, LiteRailTM covers bootsole lengths ranging from 199 to 347 mm: the SMALL mid part from 199 to 283 mm, the MEDIUM model from 239 to 323 mm and the LARGE mid part from 263 to 347 mm. Covering this large mounting range and selection of three different binding models (LR 9, LR 7.5 and LR 4.5), LiteRailTM is the ultimate system for kids, juniors and women.

Compared to the previous RAILFLEX® Lite base, the new LR base is lower and narrower and therefore looks much more integrated. Due to the new construction, it can easily be mounted to skis of 87 cm onwards without affecting the flex and performance of the ski.

Mounting and adjusting the LiteRail® binding is extremely simple and can be done without any additional tool: Open the toe-lever and slide the toe on the rail from the front. Lock at the appropriate boot sole length and close the lever. Now hook the brake into the heel housing – open the lever, slide the heel on the rail from the back and lock it at the appropriate boot sole marking – close the lever – and you are ready to go.

LiteRail – the new TYROLIA rail system saves you time and trouble…