SX Junior

Children would love to get their hands on the same cool gadgets grown-ups have. They’d like to use the same technology – and benefit from the same results. Whereas other companies may deliver unsatisfactory imitations of coveted items – sports car – mountain bike – smart phone, TYROLIA offers much more than just mere cheaper replicas…

TYROLIA understands the requirements and wishes of the younger set. Our products designed for juniors are neither fake nor toys…. TYROLIA provides the little ones with the best in the latest technologies and safety standards for binding innovation!

LX/SX Kinematics in the Junior Binding Segment
That’s why for the 2012/2013 season, TYROLIA integrated the LX/SX kinematics and technology improvements into their junior binding segment – presenting the new SX Junior Line. For TYROLIA, safety has always been paramount, especially for the youngest of ski stars.

The innovative kinematics of TYROLIA’s LX and SX adult line provide advantages in performance and stability for the SX Junior Line as well -for young speedsters and up-and-comers, as proven with the adult counterparts. Simply stated, this line proudly increases safety & performance for junior skiers!

Thanks to increased stability, quicker return to center force, improved centered stance on ski, more direct power transmission from boot to edge and faster change from edge to edge – ski steering now requires even less effort, thus greatly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

The TYROLIA SX Junior line is available in two designs for DIN 4.5 and DIN 7.5 models, distinguished by two different shaped wings and an additional heel cover for 7.5 bindings. Moreover, most of the new SX Junior models are not coated. Colored plastics are used accordingly, to guarantee increased durability and scratch-resistant bindings.

Furthermore, the SX Junior Line is suitable for both adult (type A) and children (type C) boots: the innovative mechanical Anti Friction Slider (AFS) automatically adjusts to the boot sole height, compensating A/C standards as well as height differences due to icing up, dirt or boot wear. Compared to former Teflon gliding inserts, the new Anti-Friction Slider also provides much more safety. The lateral movement of the AFS allows the boot to move out of the binding practically with no friction, reducing the risk of injuries during falls with the assurance of constant release values.

No time for concern -Just step into the binding and step on it!