Which steps are necessary to produce a ski binding?

First of all our researchers create an idea for a new model or a new technology.
This is analysed in a feasibility study.
If the feasibility analysis is positive, 3D Construction, Mold-Flow Analysis and Finit-Elements-Study follow to find out the optimal construction and to eliminate possible weak points.
Tool Making: At the same time, tools for production of binding parts are made in house, except screws, bolts and springs.
Once the testing phase is complete, series manufacturing begins:
Injection Molding: The plastic parts of the binding are produced by injection molding
Stamping: Production of steel parts
Powder Coating: the non-conductive plastic parts are made conductive on the surface and powder coated.
Tampoprint: 3-dimensional parts are printed with logos and model names
Mounting: Brakes are mounted by the full-automatic brake-mounting machine.:
Quality Assurance: Each binding is measured and calibrated before being exported to assure the quality and safety of the product.
Before the bindings are delivered to the customer, the automatic packaging machine packs them.
Up to 15,000 bindings per day are delivered in more than 40 countries worldwide.