For more than 90 years, TYROLIA has been the epitome of top-of-the-line research and development in the ski binding industry. And, due to rapid developments in the winter sports sector, increased safety has becoming critical. A ski binding is much more than just the link between a ski and a boot. It is the most important safety and performance component. TYROLIA provides a high-tech product with unique safety features, thanks to continual improvement and high-quality service. TYROLIA responds as rapidly as possible to the needs of the market and its customers, enabled by a wide vertical range of manufacturing processes and a faster time-to-market in its development of new products.


New Technologies start in this department. Bindings are tested and developed further. By 3D Construction, Mold Flow Studies and Finit-Elementscalculation capacity and stability are examined and controlled.


No binding that has not been calibrated and measured can leave the factory. Because TYROLIA has dedicated itself to meet certain quality and safety standards.


This department is high-tech as well. TYROLIA poduces all tools and parts itself, except screws, bolts and springs. Due to this, TYROLIA is able to react fast to changing market conditions. 3D digitalization of design samples is the basis for construction. And with 3D construction injection molding tools, die cutting and multistage operation die cutting tools are produced. The fine finish tools are accurate to a hundredth of a millimeter. All tools are assembled and tested by hand. Thus, every employee has contributed to the final product.


Several parts of the binding are made by injection molding method. Synthetic granulate is melted and injected into the tool. Sprues are recycled, melted and again injected into the tool and thus supplied to the production process the TYROLIA recycling mill.


TYROLIA has developed a method for powder coating to make non-conductive material on the surface conduct. Abandonment of re-solvent through powder coating provides higher resistance.


In the metal processing department steel is processed and cut.


All steel parts are made corrosion resistant in the electroplanting machine.


By using the tampoprint process, three dimensional surfaces are printed in our own printing office.


The brake-mounting machine finishes 14 work steps - the end product is a mounted and tested product. TYROLIA views the skibinding product as a controlling and load-bearing element between the ski boot and the ski. Besides automatization manual labour is a key factor for quality and precision.


Tyrolia Technology GesmbH is an affiliated company of HTM Sport GmbH. Tyrolia Technology is a high tech company that has developed into a leading technology expert through decades of producing alpine ski bindigs. Through creativity, vision, precision and quality we have managed to become the world leader in the ski-binding sector. Now other companies have the opportunity of utilizing the know-how gained in the process.