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Tech-Overview - JRS 4.5 GW CA


The JRS 4.5 GW CA binding makes skiing an unforgettable experience for the little ones. Just step in and go. Thanks to the new shape of the sole lug and softer brakes, kids get in and out of the binding in seconds. In addition, the new system is a winner with a lighter weight, a softer flex and is compatible with all ski boot types (A/C/GW A/GW C).

WEIGHT 1150 g
DIN 0.75 - 4.5
Black/White Tyrolia Binding - JuniorBlack/White Tyrolia Binding - Junior

TYROLIA presents you the Junior Rail System, the new standard in kids’ skiing equipment! 

Stepping into bindings is often extremely difficult for children, so we developed a new binding where kids can step in and out of the binding within seconds without any help. This weight-optimized system provides a smoother flex and super easy handling.

Less effort more fun

The  JRS bindings are part of the E4SY series from HEAD/TYROLIA. The new standard for kids’ skiing equipment. Providing ski and binding sets that are perfectly matched in terms of easy handling, flex, weight and step-in.


Illustration - Step in & out of the bindingIllustration - Step in & out of the binding

Step in & out
in seconds without help

Innovative shape of the sole lug - easier to position the ski boot correctly in the binding.

Softer brakes – less resistance when stepping down (entry force -15 %).


Our bindings are even lighter. We have managed to reduce the weight by up to 15%. Lifting the skis has never been so easy.

Illustration - LightweightIllustration - Lightweight
Illustration - Smoother flexIllustration - Smoother flex

Smoother Flex

The locking elements and adjustment levers are made of synthetic material, allowing a  smoother flex in the binding and an unimpeded ride.

Easy to adjust

All HEAD and TYROLIA Junior bindings are automatically compatible with GripWalk and GripWalk Junior ski boots as well as adult (Type A) and children’s (Type C) Alpine ski boots.

The redesigned heel can now be adjusted in the open and closed position.

Illustration showing GripWalk logo on the bindingIllustration showing GripWalk logo on the binding
Illustration - barcode holder and a single codeIllustration - barcode holder and a single code

The new standard for Kids' Rental Equipment

Our rental segment now enjoys all the benefits of the EASY4 Series. For rental solutions, the JRS 4.5 GW CA RENT and JRS 7.5 GW CA bindings are equipped with a barcode holder and a single code on the base.