Tech-Overview - Ambition 12 MN


Designed to improve alpine touring, the Ambition 12 MN features the benefits of innovative climbing technology, a natural ski flex, plus proven TYROLIA safety features and downhill performance.

DIN 4 - 12
BRAKE WIDTH 85 - 125 mm
Black Tyrolia Binding - Ambition 12 MNBlack Tyrolia Binding - Ambition 12 MN


Alpine Touring Toe

This AT binding features the exclusive TYROLIA Alpine Touring (AT) Toe which can be easily adjusted to alpine and touring boot norms. A 65 mm wide mechanical AFS gliding element provides constant release values, even with rubber soles. In combination with two rollers, this binding provides proven safety features with the rapid and precise boot recentering that skiers expect from TYROLIA.

Illustration - Alpine Touring ToeIllustration - Alpine Touring Toe
Illustration - four different climbing aid positionsIllustration - four different climbing aid positions

Alpine Touring Heel and Climbing Aid

The state-of-the-art climbing aid is positioned as close as possible to the Alpine Touring (AT) Heel. This provides better walking balance and effortless climbing in all situations. Its low stand height of 38 mm improves stability and offers a confident stance. With four different climbing aid positions (0 , 5 , 10  or 15 ), it is possible to adapt it to different terrains without stepping out of the binding.

Easy adjusting telescopic tube

The Ambition features a unique lightweight telescopic tube for easy adjustment to different boot sole lengths. A single binding model can cover the entire range of different sole lengths – from 260 to 350 mm. The telescopic tube also enables a more compact mounting to perfectly position the binding on your skis and eliminate mid-point deviation

Illustration - Adjustment of sole lengthIllustration - Adjustment of sole length
Illustration - change the climbing aid‘s positionIllustration - change the climbing aid‘s position

AT Climbing Aid

Whether on a walk through flat terrain or on a climb up a steep slope up to the summit, simply use your ski pole to change the climbing aid‘s position and to lock it for the downhill ride.