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    FREEFLEX ST 16 Racing Bindings
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Tech-Overview - Freeflex ST 16


The Freeflex ST 16 binding is equipped with the Stream toe. The Adaptive Suspension Technology and the toe's aerodynamic design ensure optimum safety and even faster runs. Our top model in the racing collection brings you a matchless racing experience. The Freeflex ST 16 binding is the perfect binding for all ambitious ski racers.

WEIGHT 2650 g
DIN 5 - 16
BRAKE WIDTH 85 - 150 mm
Black Tyrolia Binding - Freeflex ST 16Black Tyrolia Binding - Freeflex ST 16


Aerodynamic Design

Illustration - Aerodynamic design of Tyrolia Racing BindingIllustration - Aerodynamic design of Tyrolia Racing Binding

Aerodynamic design for less drag and more speed.

Adaptive Suspension Technology

Independently spring-loaded pincers for more precise control.

Illustration - Spring-loaded pincerIllustration - Spring-loaded pincer
Illustration - adjusting of gliding elementIllustration - adjusting of gliding element

Two mounting positions of the gliding element for an adjustable pressure point

A steel base plate between binding and plate for direct power transmission.

Illustration - steel base plate for direct power transmissionIllustration - steel base plate for direct power transmission