ALMONTE 10 PT DEMO Touring Bindings

Product No: 114591-CP


The new Almonte 10 PT Demo touring binding is specially designed for demo and rental use. Thanks to the demo tracks, the binding covers an adjustment range of 100 mm. In addition, the Almonte 10 PT Demo scores with great uphill features, unprecedented downhill performance and an incredible weight of only 420 g per binding (incl. brake).

Product Information


The new Almonte 10 PT Demo binding combines great uphill features with unprecedented downhill performance. This TYROLIA innovation combines the best touring features in one product - starting with the toe piece, which scores with an ergonomic toe lever (can be operated by pole or hand) and simplified step-in. Thanks to the optimized, narrower pins open position, correct positioning of the ski boot is a breeze. The Almonte heel is a sure winner with a super easy switch between hike and ski mode as well as an automatic brake, where all locking parts are inside to avoid icing. Three climbing aids (0°/6.5°/12°) ensure a comfortable ascent. With the help of the included performance spacers, the boot-binding setup can be fine-tuned, optimizing power transmission and taking downhill performance to a new level. The Demo model scores with an adjustment range of 100 mm (245-356 mm), thanks to the demo tracks under toe and heel. Plus, a barcode holder can be purchased as a spare part. Following the "Explore new paths" motto, a new approach was also taken to the use of materials - to ensure that nearly all plastic parts of the binding are made from renewable raw materials. These features and the incredible weight of only 420 g (incl. brake) make the new Almonte binding the ultimate pin binding. Touring enthusiasts will love the lightness and ease of use on the ascent and the maximum skiing performance on the descent.


Stand height:
4 - 10
Weight per single binding:

*production-related deviations must be taken into account


  • TOUR Toe
  • TOUR Demo
  • TOUR Heel
  • Technologies

    1. Pin Technology
      Pin Technology

      Pin TechnologyAccommodates Adult Walk (ISO 23223 TYPE A), Touring (ISO 9523) and non-compliant soles with tech inserts. The boot needs to have tech inserts. Compatibility with tech bindings might be limited. Check the recommendations of the binding and boot manufacturer.

    2. Rethink

      RethinkFor this product, we are using recycled and sustainable materials and substitutes where possible, creating the most environmentally friendly product we currently can.


    Please note that TYROLIA bindings are intended only for use with skis when mounted, adjusted and serviced by an authorized sporting goods retailer or authorized technician. Warranties will be void if the bindings are not mounted, adjusted and serviced accordingly.