Kim Boberg Titel Picture with SkiKim Boberg Titel Picture with Ski

Kim Boberg

Slopestyle & Freeride


Name: Kim Boberg

Date of birth: 21.05.1991

From: Älvdalen, SWE

Favorite ski resort: Kläppen Ski Resort, SWE



Instagram: @kimboberg

Facebook: Kim Boberg


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I snowboarded from when I was six years old until I was twelve. Then, on the last day of the season, I found an old pair of skis in the attic. When I showed up again at the hill, there was a big air competition and I won it by doing a shifty spread eagle and a daffy tail grab.

I got complete tunnel vision after that and skiing was the only thing I could think of. It put me on this unreal journey as a skier loving every type or discipline. And I am still feeling the same joy and motivation as I did then.



My opener and ender segments, but also the fact that I created KImbosessions, a ski session that gave a lot of people joy and inspiration.



"Chameleon" (2022) together with Cody Laplante