Our warranty

I.    General information

We are a leading global manufacturer and supplier of brand sporting goods for the skiing, tennis and diving markets. We distribute our products primarily through our dealerships and sales team; some of our products are also available through our online shop (www.head.com).

When purchasing our products, please be sure to observe the instructions provided with each product and additional information published on the website (in particular regarding the material properties, selection and use of the product) as well as the information contained in the user manual supplied with the product.


II.    Warranty period

Our liability is limited exclusively to the obligations described here, providing this does not contradict mandatory law.

The legal warranty applies only to defects that occur during the warranty period. This period is two years for movable goods and the period starts when the goods are handed over.


III.   Exclusions to the warranty

The warranty does not include:

     1. Defects resulting from normal wear and tear of the product

     2. Defects caused deliberately

     3. Defects caused by improper transport or improper storage by the customer or the logistics company

     4. Defects or damage caused by improper or incorrect use or insufficient/improper maintenance and product


     5. Defects caused by non-compliance with the user manual

     6. Defects caused by incorrect assembly or incorrect adjustment

     7. Defects resulting from modifications made to the product by the buyer

     8. Defects caused by sharp objects, torsional stress, compression, a fall, abnormal pressure or other influences


The warranty is void if:

     1. The product has been modified or repaired by anyone other than HEAD or a HEAD dealership

     2. The product has been repaired using unauthorised spare parts

     3. The serial number of the product has been removed, deleted, changed or made illegible


IV.    Warranty claims

For all warranty claims, as soon as you have found the defect please contact the dealership from whom you purchased the product and bring them the defective product as well as the original purchase receipt. If you purchased the product from our HEAD online shop (www.head.com), please contact our customer service team by phone or email. If your dealership is no longer available, please also contact our customer service team. Please note that our customer service team is only responsible for inquiries relating to our online shop (www.head.com). In all other cases, please contact your dealership.

The original purchase receipt must contain the date of purchase, the name and address of the dealership and the full name of the product. HEAD or the dealership reserve the right to refuse warranty claims if the original purchase receipt is not provided or is incomplete or illegible.

If a warranty claim is accepted, HEAD or the dealership will either repair or replace the product free-of-charge. HEAD or the dealership are entitled to decide how to process the warranty claim.

HEAD reserves the right to replace the warranty claim product with a comparable product of comparable value if the product is no longer available or repairing the product would incur unreasonably high costs.


V.     Exemption from liability

Unless obliged by mandatory law to pay compensation, we accept no liability for damage or consequential damage resulting from the use of the product, regardless of whether such a claim is based on the purchase contract, on a legal warranty claim or on negligence, or whether the claim concerns damage to property with the exception of the product itself, loss in relation to the use of the product or another asset object or loss of profit.

To the extent permitted, this warranty may not be transferred or assigned.


Please refer to our FAQ if you require any further information.