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Tech-Overview - Attack 14 GW


The Attack 14 GW binding is a tough, all-mountain binding for high performance from powder and piste to the park and beyond. The binding features the new FR PRO 3 toe with guaranteed constant release values.

DIN 4 - 14
BRAKE WIDTH 85 - 150 mm
Black/Yellow Tyrolia Binding - Attack 14 GWBlack/Yellow Tyrolia Binding - Attack 14 GW


The name defines the mission. Tyrolia Attack bindings are designed to attack any slope and meet any demand from athletes and casual skiers! And how do we continuously improve their performance? Through painstaking refinement, as all their parts have been finely tuned to achieve optimal strength and stability at a lower weight. Therefore, we work hard to provide with the most powerful, best-performing, and best-looking Attack bindings yet.

Illustration - New toe construction of AttackIllustration - New toe construction of Attack

New toe construction

Our improved Attack bindings are best recognized by their newly redesigned toe. The FR PRO3 toe has more defined edges, offering better looks in addition to better protection of the scale window when you clean your boot. Not only have we modified the appearance, we have also done something for your performance, as the new Attack bindings are now lighter. With no compromise on performance, you save up to 180g depending on the mode

Improved AFD

The super-secure 77 mm metal Anti Friction Device - AFD Metal - has been improved for more stability under your ski boot. As usual, it can be adjusted to Alpine boots (TYPE A within ISO 5355) and GripWalk ski boots (TYPE A within ISO 23223).

Illustration - metal Anti Friction DeviceIllustration - metal Anti Friction Device
Illustration - New heel design of Attack BindingIllustration - New heel design of Attack Binding

New heel design

The Attack also features a new heel design. Not only did the binding save some weight, our new heel lever allows you to adjust the DIN setting of your binding in the open and closed position - offering you more flexibility as you set up.

More colorful design

Our Attack bindings come in more color options than ever. Depending on the model, you can choose from up to 6 different colors. Finding bindings that match your skis has never been easier.

Attack toe in white, black, green, blue, red and yellowAttack toe in white, black, green, blue, red and yellow