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Tech-Overview - SP 10 GW


The versatile binding model for the widest range of rental customers. The easiest adjustment, plus a safe and solid NX 3-piece heel, are paired with GripWalk compatibility.

WEIGHT 2580 g
DIN 2.5 - 10
BRAKE WIDTH 85 - 150 mm
Black Tyrolia Binding - SP 10 GWBlack Tyrolia Binding - SP 10 GW


TYROLIA single code

The TYROLIA Single Code guarantees that rental agreements are processed in record time, with a single measuring unit of simple color-coded letters. This enables toe, heel and boot to be adjusted very quickly and more customers can be served in less time.

Illustration - TYROLIA Single Code for Rental BindingsIllustration - TYROLIA Single Code for Rental Bindings
Illustration - TYROLIA One Touch SystemIllustration - TYROLIA One Touch System

TYROLIA One Touch System

The innovative One Touch System used in TYROLIA rental bindings ensures the easiest possible handling and toe and heel length adjustment, because in the rental sector time is also money

TYROLIA Rent One Touch Heel
& RX/SX Toe

The TYROLIA Rent One Touch heel features improved ergonomics, increased resistance and  etter protection against abrasion, plus an optimized adjustment window – combining great looks with safety and stability. Most of the rental binding models are equipped with RX and SX toes with improved kinematics and the proven and optimized Rent One Touch system, much  appreciated for rentals.

Illustration - TYROLIA Rent One Touch Heel & RX/SX ToeIllustration - TYROLIA Rent One Touch Heel & RX/SX Toe
Illustration - Unmatched CompatibilityIllustration - Unmatched Compatibility

Unmatched compatibility

All adult rental bindings are fully GripWalk compatible and can be used with adult alpine (TYPE A within ISO 5355) and GripWalk (TYPE A within ISO 23223) ski boots. Attack Demo MN bindings can also accommodate alpine touring boots, but need to be adjusted manually. All our junior rental bindings can accommodate alpine (TYPES A and C within ISO 5355) and GripWalk (TYPES A and C within ISO 23223) ski boots

Less effort, more fun!

Our EASY4 system is also found in our junior rental bindings, meaning that every JRS 7.5 GW CA RENT, 4.5 GW CA RENT and SR 4.5 GW CA binding enjoys all the benefits of the EASY4 system.

More about EASY4
E4SY Flex Handling Weight Step InE4SY Flex Handling Weight Step In