General Questions

Where can I buy HEAD/TYROLIA bindings?

You can find the list of all official HEAD/TYROLIA dealers here. Unfortunately, we are unable to give any information about the availability of individual products.


Where are your bindings made?

TYROLIA bindings are made in Schwechat, near Vienna, Austria.


I am a professional skier and would like to be sponsored. How can I get in touch?

You are welcome to send a detailed application to this e-mail address.

Your application should contain general information about yourself, information about your social media channels and websites, as well as important results from your competitions if you participate in any.

With your application, you should also send videos and photos, so that we can assess your skills.


Questions About Bindings

How do I properly store my bindings when I put them away?

It is recommended to store your bindings in a dry place at room temperature. The bindings should first be free of dirt and the heel should be placed in the relaxed/closed position with the ski boots removed.

At which DIN value ("Z value") do I set my bindings?

The DIN or "Z" value of your bindings is a complex number that should never be based on recommendations gathered from Internet forums, family or friends.

Only the correct setting determined by a certified technician or dealer guarantees proper functioning and safety.

How often do I have to check the adjustment of my bindings?

In principle, it is recommended to have the settings checked by your ski shop at the beginning of each season.

However, we recommend that you also have your settings checked by your dealer every time your height, weight or ski binding setup changes. This is the only way to guarantee optimal functioning.

Where can I have my bindings mounted?

To have your bindings mounted, please contact a certified dealer. Only once your bindings are mounted, adjusted and tested successfully, can you be assured of their proper functioning and be covered by the full warranty.

You can find an overview of all dealers here.

Which TYROLIA binding model fits on a flat ski (ski without pre-mounted base)?


In principle, our AAA Series models (Attack, Ambition and Adrenalin), as well as the Performance models of our AM and SX lines, can be recommended for flat skis.


Where can I get spare parts?

Spare parts can only be obtained from a TYROLIA dealer.

Your local shop can normally order all TYROLIA parts and products via the dealer ordering system. As this may take some time, an alternative source is our online store that offers brakes and other accessories. You can find it here.

Which TYROLIA binding model fits my ability and weight?


In this case, we cannot offer a recommendation. Since finding the binding model that is right for you depends on a number of factors, we recommend that you visit your local dealer so that you can choose the best TYROLIA binding model together.

Which TYROLIA binding model fits my ski boots?

You can find our compatibility chart here.

In principle, codes "GW" and "MN" indicate different types of compatibility, "GW" referring to compatibility with GripWalk ski boots and "MN" accommodating all adult ski boots within ISO 5355, 23223 and 9523.

Important note: the purchase of new ski boots will change your binding settings, so check the value with a certified dealer and, if necessary, adjust the setting.